What to Expect at a Regular Dental Cleaning

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A dental professional will perform a dental cleaning operation to keep a patient's gums and teeth clean. Many people are afraid of having a cleaning or even avoid it completely due to dental anxieties, which is detrimental to their oral health. Knowing what to expect during the cleaning process can help you prepare and make the experience seamless.

The teeth cleaning procedure

Although the specific cleaning techniques used can differ from one office to the next, the process is usually the same and includes the following.

Oral examination

Before starting the dental cleaning, the dentist will use a small concave mirror to examine the patient's mouth for any symptoms of oral issues, such as inflamed gums, plaque and tartar accumulation, or dark patches on the teeth. This helps the dentist know which areas need extra attention during the cleaning. A thorough exam will be required if more severe problems are discovered, such as cavities or gum cancer.


The dentist will use a handheld instrument called a scaler to clean plaque and tartar off the teeth surfaces, along the gum line, and in between the teeth. The use of a manual or ultrasonic scaler is based on the degree of debris buildup. A manual scaler scrapes the teeth surfaces, while an ultrasonic scaler removes huge deposits using gentle vibration and water.

Polishing and flossing

After scaling, the dentist uses a handheld electric device with a connected rubber prophy cup and a rough toothpaste known as prophylaxis paste for teeth polishing and stain removal. During this step, patients may experience a slow grinding motion on their teeth. After that, the dental professional flosses the patient's teeth to clear any leftover plaque or paste.

Fluoride use

Fluoride treatment is often included in the dental cleaning procedure at certain dental offices. Patients are sometimes given the option of selecting their preferred flavor of fluoride gel. After that, the dentist will apply the gel into a mouthpiece, which patients will put over their teeth for about a minute.

Dealing with the discomfort

Discomfort is one of the main concerns of patients who are afraid of going to the dentist. During a dental cleaning, patients who have been committed to maintaining good oral hygiene practices at home seldom feel pain. There is a chance of temporary pain during the procedure if patients have become negligent with their oral hygiene.

The dentist will go to considerable lengths to keep patients as relaxed as possible during the procedure and can use a topical anesthetic before cleaning to ensure comfort. Dental cleaning is important for oral health. Taking oral care seriously can reduce the discomfort experienced in future cleaning appointments.

In conclusion

Although dental cleaning can feel intrusive and unpleasant to certain people, dental problems such as gum disease or tooth decay may be even more painful and necessitate much more invasive dental treatment in the long run. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly will help prevent plaque and tartar from forming on your teeth. However, professional cleaning is required twice a year to remove any plaque accumulation.

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