Why a Kid Friendly Dentist Would Discourage Thumb-Sucking

Kid Friendly Dentist Stone Mountain, GA

A kid friendly dentist can help parents stop their kids from thumb-sucking. Young children do this to soothe themselves. Even so, dentists do not encourage this habit. If you want to know why a kid friendly dentist would discourage thumb-sucking, here are the details.

The habit of thumb-sucking

Many newborns suck their thumbs. This is a common and harmless habit in babies and young kids. Studies show that this habit helps babies feel secure. This is a normal habit below four years of age. It becomes a problem if the child continues thumb-sucking beyond the age of five.

Reasons for discouraging this habit

A good kid friendly dentist would discourage thumb-sucking. Each dental checkup is an opportunity to do so. A child with this habit beyond five years old will have a high risk of developing dental health issues. Bite issues and teeth misalignment are common problems. They result from malformations of the jaw and mouth. It is common for parents to have difficulty in making their children stop thumb-sucking.

The sucking produces pressure inside the mouth. It results in various harmful dental effects by the time the child reaches five or six years old. The front teeth tend to move more forward. This prevents the lower and upper front teeth from meeting. An open bite often results from this malformation. These dental changes could give way to teeth misalignment when adult teeth start to erupt.

A dental visit will enable the kid friendly dentist to check the child’s bite misalignment. It is easier to correct these issues while the child is still very young. Severe bite problems in kids may need a dental appliance to stop the child from thumb-sucking. Corrective techniques can prevent jaw malformation in kids.

Most parents are unaware of the bad effects of this habit. Overbites, malformed hard palates, and speech issues result from thumb-sucking. These are the long-term effects in thumb-sucking children beyond five years old. The child would have to go through expensive dental treatments like orthodontic treatments.

Hazard to health

Some kids hold thumbs in the mouth and do not suck them. This does not cause any dental damage at all. Others do this with vigorous sucking, which causes severe dental damage. Aside from developing dental malformations and bite disorders, children can develop infections. Thumb-sucking can also introduce viruses, bacteria, and impurities into the child’s mouth.

Young children tend to grab random things to play with. Washing hands is not a habit they learn to practice early. This makes it easy for them to become sick. Digestive problems and parasite infestation may also occur because of thumb-sucking. A kid friendly dentist can help prevent these health issues by discouraging thumb-sucking.

A kid friendly dentist can help your child have optimal health

Thumb-sucking is an adorable habit at first. The inability to discourage this habit in children tends to result in complicated dental issues. That is why a kid friendly dentist may help in discouraging this habit. It may take several efforts to make your child stop, but the results will be worth it.

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