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Tooth Extractions Specialist

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Tooth extractions don’t have to be painful or scary. At Park Family Dentistry in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Chin Park, DMD, and his experienced dental team use nitrous oxide and local anesthetic to make extractions feel pain and stress-free. If you have a severely decayed tooth or impacted wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment with Park Family Dentistry by phone or online today.

Tooth Extractions

What are tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions are procedures in which your dentist removes baby or permanent teeth. The Park Family Dentistry team uses the latest advances in dental technology and techniques to ensure your surgery goes smoothly, is pain-free, and you achieve the most desirable outcome.

Why might I require tooth extraction?

There are numerous reasons Dr. Park might recommend tooth extractions. For example, you may have:

  • A small mouth or jaw
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Lingering baby teeth
  • A severe tooth infection

In the case of a severe infection, sometimes a root canal can save your tooth from requiring extraction. 

Am I a candidate for tooth extraction?

The Park Family Dentistry team lets you know if you’re a good candidate for tooth extraction after evaluating your teeth and gums, reviewing your symptoms, and taking dental X-rays. If tooth extraction is right for you, they give you pre-surgical instructions and help you schedule your surgery.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Right before tooth extraction Dr. Park numbs the treatment area and offers you nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. You’re awake during surgery but don’t feel any pain. He makes a tiny incision in your gums, removes the tooth, and places gauze at the treatment site to reduce bleeding. 

What happens after tooth extraction?

After tooth extraction, the treatment area may feel tender for a few days. You can apply ice to it as needed or take over-the-counter pain relievers to provide comfort. 

Dr. Park may give you a special diet to follow temporarily. Avoid smoking, vigorously rinsing your mouth, or drinking through a straw. Keep all follow-up appointments with your Park Family Dentistry provider and call Dr. Park right away if you experience severe pain, worsening pain, or bleeding after surgery.

Will I require additional dental work?

After the treatment area heals, you may require additional dental procedures, such as dental implants or a bridge to fill in gaps left by extracted teeth.

Don’t live with impacted wisdom teeth, permanent teeth that don’t fit in your mouth, or a severely infected tooth. Schedule an appointment with Park Family Dentistry over the phone or online today to find out if a tooth extraction is right for you.